"Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist."
-Pablo Picasso

Sound Designer and Audio Tech with over 6 years of music theory, recording art, and post-production experience. Constantly driven to learn and grow in tandem with the ever-expanding world of audio technology. Quick to adapt to new workflows, DAWs, and analog or digital audio systems.

My passion for sound began in primary school, where I was the principle Flautist in Vicksburg Community Schools. After taking part in multiple musical productions on and off stage, Western Michigan University (WMU) was my first choice for higher education.

At WMU, I majored in Multimedia Arts Technology. During that time, I acquired a deep-leveled understanding of recording arts and signal flow using an Otari Series 54 board located in Western Sound Studios (WSS). During my time at WMU, I was also employed as a streaming engineer. While I operated 2 cameras, I was responsible for working closely with the scheduled WSS engineer to provide high-quality audio/video streaming for distance music recitals to the Dalton School of Music YouTube page.

After recieving my Bachelor of Science in Multimedia Arts Techonology, I discovered the incredible work and environment of the Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD), where I am currently a Sound Design M.F.A. Graduate student. Since being at SCAD, I have recieved multiple Avid certifications and am employed by the school working closely with the engineering department to design, construct, and implement audiovisual solutions for SCAD's national and international campuses.


Updated 02/25/2022


Field Recording Pack 01

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The Universal Category System (UCS) Filename Assistant is a program for Windows and MacOS created using the Python scripting language. This project was inspired by Kai Paquin and his original UCS program written for KeyboardMaestro.

This program allows users to name audio files using the UCS format.

For more information about UCS, please visit www.universalcategorysystem.com

Downloads can be found on the mpierluissi GitHub.


You can contact me by email at: mjpierluissi@gmail.com.